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Posts from November 2014

My Definition of AWESOME!!!

Look up AWESOME in the dictionary and this is what you will find!  Liss and I can't THANK YOU enough.  We had another AMAZING group of volunteers this year helping to do the prep work at the St. Vincent DePaul Kitchen in Wilkes-Barre.

We've made so many friends over the years.  And so many of you come back every year to help.

Thanks to the following businesses that helped out:
--PA American Water
--Harold's Pharmacy
--Timber Ridge Health Care
--River Run  Rehab & Nursing
--Cornell Store Front
--McCabe Mortgage Group


Jasmine Brooks & WBRE-TV and our Tiara Table superstars Madison, Cassie & Courtney.

Don't forget.  The St. Vincent DePaul Kitchen is ALWAYS looking for help.  If you'd like to volunteer, call the kitchen at 570.829.7796.  You can also drop off non-perishable food donations at 39 East Jackson St, in Wilkes-Barre.

And thanks again for giving back to our community.



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What did I get myself into?!

I offered to cook Thanksgiving dinner. You're probably thinking ... WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING? ESPECIALLY WHEN WE ALL KNOW YOU CAN'T COOK! I'm starting to realize that wasn't such a bright idea. I thought it would be FUN. Then I started googling HOW to cook Thanksgiving dinner and realized there are WAY more steps involved that I originally anticipated. My husband also requested REAL mashed potatoes, so I can't even skimp and use instant. My plans this weekend include making a list and shopping for everything I will need to prepare Thanksgiving dinner ... so here's where you can help.

I'm looking for EASY side dishes and mayve some tricks/tips for preparing/cooking a fresh turkey. No tip is too simple ... thanks in advance!

I hope you have a great turkey day with friends and family. Pour yourself another glass of wine when the family drama kicks in, wouldn't be the holidays without it! ;) XO -A
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Congratulations, you're having a...DON'T TELL ME!

Carrie Underwood recently revealed how she found out the gender of her baby.  Instead of having her baby doc tell her & her hubby, she had the doctor write down the sex of the child and seal it in an envelope.

"[The doctor's office is] kind of a sterile place," Underwood explained to ABC News Radio. "We got to see all the pictures and everything. It was really cool to see that, but whenever she'd get near, near those parts we would look away."

Later that night, Carrie and her husband opened the envelope at a restaurant and celebrated.  Cool idea, don't you think?

Here's a few other GENDER REVEAL ideas suggested by our listeners.

--We are planning on doing a gender reveal with mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. Blue potatoes under a layer of white ones.

--My sister just found out what she was having. She lives in Florida so she sent us a box in the mail and when we opened it there was pink packing peanuts, under that was a box with a blue Christmas ornament that said it's a boy on it

--I saw this one thing where you wear a white shirt and dip your hands in the color paint and make your hands in to a heart on the shirt

--Take the paper to a baker have him make a blue or pink cake then when you cut it u know the sex

--My friend had the answer baked into a cake. The cake was frosted pink and blue.  The only way to find out was to eat the cake.  We had a party & served the cake to get the answer.  It was a girl!

--the newest rage is gender reveal party

--I recently found out I was having another boy. So for my FB post to reveal the gender I had my hubby take a picture with one of his ties over my baby bump.

--If money is no object, I hear they can change the color of the lights on the Empire State Building!

And sometimes the gender reveal doesn't always go as planned!

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Nov 11, 2014 ~ holy s%#$.... I cooked.

First of all HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all our beloved servicemembers today! We owe everything to you. Our love and appreciation always! I'm sitting here with a risotto hangover and still-full belly from my cooking lesson last night. Yes, I cooked!!! Someone tell my mom. Haha professional Chef Michael Langdon and his 10 yr old son Ayden offered to teach me, after they heard me say on the air that I don't know how to cook ANNNYTHING for my boyfriend.

So.... one risotto, one chicken parmesan, and two salads later = I did it!!! THANK YOU Michael & Ayden so much! You guys are a blast!

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Nov 7, 2014 - Thanks Jasmine!!

Big thanks to my girl JASMINE BROOKS from WBRE TV for doing her newscast from our radio show Wednesday morning! Jasmine, you're beautiful inside and out! Was a wonderful pleasure to have you in the studio!

She wanted to convey what goes into making a radio show and how we work behind the scenes. I hope it was educational for everyone watching, even though there is very little work behind the scenes lol....

Awww we used each other's mics. Ain't we cute?

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Let's Play with Sharp Objects!

It's the one time of year they let us play with SHARP OBJECTS...and YOU CAN JOIN US!

We'll be live from the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen in Wilkes-Barre Tuesday morning, November 25 doing all the Thanksgiving prep work.

If you'd like to help us prepare Thanksgiving for the 300+ that will be eating at the kitchen this year, contact me directly at

You can stay for all or part of the morning.  And YES, kids are welcome.  It's a rewarding experience for ALL OF US.

Rocky & Lissa's Kitchen Crew
St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen
39 East Jackson St, Wilkes-Barre (near Kings College)

Tuesday Nov25 starting at 6am

Bring kitchen utensils
Gloves & aprons will be provided

You can also drop off non-perishable food items.  We'd love to see your smiling faces while we broadcast live 5:30-10am.

And here's ONE MORE WAY you can help.
Thanksgiving morning the kitchen will be sending out hundreds of meals to the homebound.  If you'd like to help deliver, call the kitchen at 570.829.7796.

Thanks in advance for however you can help!!!



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