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Posts from June 2013

Top 10 Lame Injuries

Yesterday I admitted on air to hurting my neck...pumping gas.  My sad attempt to feel better was to find someone with a lamer injury. 

We can ALWAYS count on Rocky & Lissa listeners to win in a game of CAN YOU TOP THIS?

The following our actual lame injuries from real-life KRZ listeners.

I now present (drum roll please)...


10--I did a risky business type slide across a hardwood floor. I broke my elbow, had to get surgery with pins, plates, & screws & had six months of physical therapy.

9--My hubby threw his back out putting his pants on.

8--I sneezed in the shower and pulled a muscle in my neck.

7--My son broke his leg doing a victory dance while playing beer pong

6--I was sitting at a table putting on mascara and sent my back into a major spasm.  I couldn't walk for the rest of the day and it took about a week for it to clear up.

5--I pulled muscle in back bending over the sink to spit while brushing my teeth.

4--I coughed and got a hernia

3—I gave myself a black eye trying to untangle the dog leash.

2—We still have a co-worker out on workers comp.  She threw out her back clicking the computer mouse…6 months ago!

1--I sneezed and farted simultaneously and pulled a groin muscle in the middle of a staff meeting.

(We're still trying to verify #1.  If it's you, please call our show immediately!!!)


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Obama Sings Daft Punk

Here's the vid we've been talking about of Barack Obama singing Daft Punk's big summer hit "Get Lucky".


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June 24, 2013 ~ weekend thanks and more pics

Hey there! THANK YOU if you were one of the wonderful samaritans who showed up for the bone marrow registry event on Thursday! We had the Boys & Girls Cub of Scranton on the air with us that morning to pump it up - we're trying to find a bone marrow match for Mari, a Scranton native who has Leukemia. No one in her family is a match, but hopefully of the 100+ potential donors who came to the event on Thursday - we'll find one! By the time I showed up 4:30pm on Thursday, the line was out the door! Well done, Northeast PA!

You can always go to to register if you missed it! THANK YOU AGAIN!

Boys & Girls Club in the studio - from left: Me, Larayne, Tricia, Etta (in the chair), Rocky.

Friday I checked out Blues Traveler on the Sherman Theater Summer Stage. Outside under the stars, gorgeous night! Went with one of my best friends, Nicole - we're both big music geeks and were BOTH blown away by their performance! I knew they were good, but I didn't know they were amazing! John Popper's vocals are sick! He gave me chills in 90 degree weather.

Much like my wicked camera skills....which are obviously awesome. Sigh. WHY IS THIS CROOKED?! I wasn't even drinking. Cool stage though.

Me & Coley :)

Saturday I helped out with the benefit for the Deutsch Institute, to help local people with disabilities and mental illness. It was an outside concert, behind Mulligans. Lots of great food, killer music, cool vibe. And my girls were even able to join me!

Desiree, Me, Holly

Graces Downfall playing in front of a beautiful Scranton background....

Again, THANK YOU to everybody who came to either of these events! Whenever I can use even a tiny portion of my weekend to help people, I'd say that's time well spent. Especially considering my alternative = dancing around in the lawn sprinkler to "I Got The Power" by Snap.... and I promised my neighbors I wouldn't do that anymore. As much.
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June 20, 2013 ~ NKOTB, 98 Degrees. Boys 2 Men

Went with Amber & Desiree to Philly on Saturday to see NKOTB/Boys 2 Men/98 Degrees - SOOOOOO much fun! It might interest you (and by "you" I mean YOU, Mom, cuz you're the only one) to know I STILL remember all the choreography from their videos back in the day. In fact, Amber and Desiree did too. We may or may not have stage an impromptu reenactment of those dance routines in the parking lot pre-show. (There also may have been some Backstreet Boys and Tiffany in there- I DARE YOU to crank "I Think We're Alone Now" and NOT dance.... can't be done).

One thing is for certain - good music is wonderful, but it's made a million times sweeter when you can enjoy it with great friends :) LOVE these girls....

Getting ready at the hotel...


about to go inside..... I have no idea what's wrong with our faces....

Not bad seats, huh?

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Toast with the Most

Hopefully you learned an important lesson on today's show:  when giving a toast to the Bride & Groom at their wedding, it's best to go conservative.  If you're not a funny person, don't try to be with a live mic and a few drinks under your belt.

Here's a few examples from KRZ listeners of toasts that went horribly wrong.

Lesson learned?


I was at a college friend’s wedding where the best man not only called the bride the groom’s ex gf's name during the best man speech, but he was also later escorted from the reception by the groom’s father for trying to drink the water from the centerpieces.

My sister was my maid of honor. She was trying to be funny but wasn’t successful and by the end of her speech, people were asking why she was in our wedding if she hated us so much.

My best (male) friend had gotten married. I was the Bride's Maid (since I introduced them) and my buddy's obnoxious older brother was

Best man. He started out his toast ok, but then pulled a Cybil and mentioned when they both went to Tijuana and thought they got clap from 2 girls they picked up, only to find out they had bites from bed mites. The room got quiet and I had to jump in to stop him.

I was maid of honor in my sister’s wedding. I didn't make an embarrassing speech because I promised my sister but I proceeded to get really drunk and gave everyone lap dances!

My bro best man, said "not sure what that pastor was smoking".  My wife's family is very religious. Ummm did not go over well.

I went 2 a wedding earlier this year & the best man (which was the groom’s brother) got up 2 make a speech & was drunk & in his speech told everyone that he slept w/ the bride the day before the wedding!

Just went to a wedding where the best man talked about the bride being a reformed whore.  He talked about the time he and the groom took home these girls that turned out to be men and that he wanted to sleep with the bride’s sister.

I was at a wedding and the best man said in front of everyone that he and the bride were sleeping together for quite some time and then starts laughing and says oh I'm only kidding.  And then he says no really I honestly I would really like to have sex with the bride she's hot so if this marriage doesn't last I would really like to have sex with her.  She looks like she would be fun in bed!

As part of the best man speech he let it slip that the bride was pregnant.
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Biking for a Cause

Saturday I was one of 500+ bike riders in this year's Heritage Explorer Bike Tour.  It's an annual benefit to help support the 70+ mile rail-trail system that runs from the NY border to Pittston.

Check out if you want more info on this awesome trail system.

Have a GREAT ride!


The start of this year's Tour

My pals from Cedar Bike & Paddle in Scranton were there in full force.

My view.

Part of the trail that follows the Lackawanna River.

The halfway point in Carbondale.

The Lackawanna River Heritage Trail and D&H Rail-Trail is open to walking, running, cycling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.  For more trail info and maps go to

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June 14, 2013 ~ a Fathers Day rant...

As we approach Fathers Day, I have a message for my Dad back in Michigan: HOW DARE YOU?! How DARE you be so cool and fun and funny that you make it virtually impossible for me to date because any dude I go out with seems less fun by comparison. Haha!

You've raised me to be too picky! For instance, I've saved every birthday card you've ever given me. Most of them including poems like this one:

You always took us to cool places on day trips....

You didn't laugh when we put on a "circus" in the front yard...

You always made sure we did things as a family, even if mom wouldn't get in the picture... haha

You let me wear my flower girl dress to kindergarten graduation. I actually wish I could still fit into this...

You didn't laugh when your children thought they were Jedi knights....

You always came to our Christmas plays! (pssssst - I'm a cat. Cuz everyone loves a

You've always been an amazing hubby/best friend to my Mommy :) You have no idea how much your kids appreciate that!

And you & Mom constantly make time to come visit me in Pennsylvania whenever possible - I LOVE THAT! You guys are awesome parents but you're also incredible FRIENDS!! I'd hang out with you even if you weren't my folks....

So HOW DARE YOU, Dad?! How dare you be such an outstanding father that you make me miss you every hour of every day and wanna be like you in every way! I love you so much! Happy Fathers Day! Sorry if any of these pictures embarrassed you. But I'm in a cat costume, dammit. So suck it up.

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Pedal to the Metal

I hit the Back Mountain Trail in Dallas yesterday to prepare for this weekend's HERITAGE EXPLORER BIKE TOUR.  A nice muddy day in the woods is just what I needed!

This will be my first time doing the Heritage.  It looks like an awesome event.

Here's the deal if you want in:

Heritage Explorer Bike Tour & Festival
Saturday June 15

Blakely Borough Rec Complex--Peckville

This is a non-competitive family-friendly event featuring 4 routes depending on your ability.  Proceeds from the ride benefit the continuing development of the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail, a 70+ mile rail-trail system from the NY state border to the Susquehanna River in Pittston.

Join me and my buds from Cedar Bike & Paddle in Scranton for a great day of riding!

Need info?  Go to

I hope to see you there!



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Invisalign Tray 11 of 18! Woo hoo!

I had a quick appointment this morning at Dr. Lawrence's office to get my 11th out of 18 total Invisalign trays! Can you see the difference? It's crazy how fast this is working to straighten my teeth ... that were once straight and shifted since having metal braces. I couldn't be happier that I decided to do this just a few months ago ... because now i'm almost done! Well, I have 7 more sets of trays ... so 14 more weeks! Not too bad! If you've been thinking about getting braces, don't keep putting it off! (288-5588 or Dr. L is SO nice and I love all of the ladies in his office ... they even knew today was Jeff's birthday! They asked me to wish him a Happy Birthday, so sweet!

Speaking of ...

I got the birthday boy a pair of shoes he was hinting at wanting! (This is my secret little trick to get him to wear something OTHER THAN neon sneakers! I told him these are his dates shoes!)
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June 10, 2013 ~ my weekend in pics

Wow, what a crazy weekend! Started out with Media Day at Pocono Raceway on Friday, and even though it was a rainy mudfest, I was out there with my friends from Tom Hesser Chevrolet and we had a BLAST. I wish my Dad could've been there!

Nothing but cars, auto parts, and trucks in mud allllllll day. Dad would've been in heaven...

Then on Saturday I went out with my  friends to the new Deck Bar at Ash - LOVED it! We danced (horribly) to their killer DJ and posed for some very stupid pics...evidence... don't judge. We do this crap sober.

Danielle, Me, & Jenis

Me & Danielle

Holly & I

Me & Shaun "Sweet Peppas" Coe - he'll be on the air with us Friday to talk about the bar!

Danielle & I are special.

grainy, but this way you can tell what we'd look like as zombies!.... (from left) Desiree, Vivianne, Danielle, Me, Jenis, Holly

On Sunday we had a FABULOUS turnout for the Concert in Memory of RJ Minichello - three different venues, dozens of bands, all the proceed going to RJ's wife & kids. If you didn't know RJ, he was a very talented fixture in the Scranton music scene. Unbelievable drummer. Played with almost every band that played yesterday - ha! Thanks to V-Spot, Twentyfiveeight Studios, and Thirst T's for providing accomodations for such a killer day of music!

Me and Amber rocking out to Destination West at V-Spot....

Now it's Monday and I'm exhausted. Would anybody noticed if I nodded off in the sound booth? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........
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