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July 7, 2015 ~ summertime and the livings eeeasy

Wow, I cant believe it's July 7th already. I'd like to blame my pasty white skin on the fact that I'm a devout SPF disciple (which is true) but sadly, it's mainly because I haven't been outside enough! Work, work, work, gig, gig, gig, but I love love love it. Here are some highlights from the last couple weeks:

Played a super fun show at What's Brewin' in Old Forge - the owners KIDS came out (note the adorableness) and I gave them impromptu piano lessons while I was on break. Rory & Caden = ROCKED IT!

Then the next day, went to the BEACH with my friends!!!! :) Wildwood is heaven!

And finally, got to hang out with my bestie who lives in Temple, Danielle! She was our intern when I first started in 2010/2011, maybe you remember her. She was on air with us quite a bit. I'm still trying to convince her to move to Scranton and work for KRZ! Lol fingers crossed!!!

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Miracle at Daytona

The Coke Zero Daytona 400 ended incredibly yesterday morning.

Austin Dillon, driving the number 3 car, went airborne in the final lap of the race, crashing into the catch fence.

Incredibly, no one was seriously hurt, and Austin walked away from it.

Absolutely incredible. The video's a little scary to watch, but when you know everyone's okay, that makes it a little easier.

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Impressive & Patriotic Too

Over the 4th of July weekend, the Boston Red Sox hosted the Houston Astros.

But that's not important.

What is important are the guests who dropped in during the singing of the national anthem.

Check out the US Navy's Parachute Team The Leap Frogs gliding into Fenway Park.

Pretty amazing video.

All-new video.The Leap Frogs jumped into the Boston Red Sox-Houston Astros game at Fenway Park over Independence Day weekend. Drop everything and watch it. Now. #redsox

Posted by U.S. Navy Parachute Team "The Leap Frogs" on Sunday, July 5, 2015
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Winter is Coming... to Wimbledon

Kit Harington - aka the possibly departed Jon Snow on HBO's Game of Thrones - was spotted at Wimbledon over the weekend.

And he's wearing his hair long, Jon Snow-style, making those who really don't want the character to be dead speculating that maybe Jon Snow's not as dead as he appeared to be in the final scene of the season finale.

Could it be?

Could Jon Snow we making a return to The Wall to kick some Night's Watch brethren butts?

Or could it be that he just likes wearing his hair long?

I'll guess we'll have to wait and see, right? While we suffer through all sorts of other signs and hints about his return or not...

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Country is Your Genre

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler released his first country music video last week.

The song is called "Love is Your Name."

And while it does have a slight country feel to it, it's still more Steven Tyler than country.

I don't think putting on a pair of boots, standing on the porch of a one-room house and singing in front of a campfire with a big white horse in the background or having an old-fashioned pick-up driving down a dusty road is enough to country this one up.

Maybe I'm wrong. What do you think?

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Swimming with a Sea Turtle

The foks at the World Wildlife Fund released a video over the weekend that captures the majesty of sea turtles while driving home a point about saving the environment.

They strapped a GoPro camera onto a sea turtle's back and recorded its swim along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

It's a very cool video, and if you can find a way to loop it, I'll bet it would make a great relaxation device as well.

To our supporters: Thank you for taking action to help save the Great Barrier Reef! It’s easy to understand why the imminent ban on dumping in the reef is important, but videos like this bring it all to life. Learn more:

Posted by World Wildlife Fund on Thursday, July 2, 2015
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Channing Busts a Buncha Moves

Channing Tatum's Magic Mike XXL is doing okay at the box office, partly due to his dancing skills.

But he's not all about the bump-and-grind.

Oh no.

The folks at Vanity Fair challenged him to do seven different dance moves in 30 seconds.

The Running Man, the Twist, the Funky Chicken, the Hula, the Pony and the Robot, capped off with some Voguing.

Check it out, ladies and gents.

This guy's the real deal!
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Disney Shown Up by Mother Nature

The folks at Walt Disney World have been known to put on some spectular mid-air light shows.

This weekend, it looks like Mother Nature decided to show Disney who's boss.

Check out this amazing video of a bit of lightning illuminating Cinderella's castle.

Let's see you do that, Walt!

Usually, it's fireworks, but this July 4th weekend, there was quite the spectacular natural light show over Cinderella's Castle at Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Posted by ABC News on Saturday, July 4, 2015
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Whip Nae Nae

You know those silly moments when you're driving with other people in the car and it just turns into a really strange mobile party? That's exactly what happened over the weekend, but it was one of those times I almost wish we were recording it because it was just that BAD.

I'm obsessed with Youtube videos of little kids doing the Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae dance. Seeing little kids do it makes me so happy because it's just adorable ...

I was describing this dance to my husband, John. At first he was acting like he wasn't really sure what I was talking about ... and next thing I knew JOHN BUSTS OUT THE DANCE!!! LOL Then it hit me, HE'S OBSESSED WITH WATCHING PEOPLE DO THIS DANCE TOO! Oh that husband of mine. I think my new favorite thing is watching HIM do it!

If you have videos of your kids doing the dance - send it to me! I love it!

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Dave Grohl's Back, on a Throne

A couple of weeks ago, Dave Grohl broke his leg falling off-stage during a concert in Sweden.

He got patched up quick - not a permanent fix, but enough to get him back on stage - and he finished up the show.

Then he took a little time off to recuperate.

He's still on that road to recovery, but that didn't stop him from kicking off the Foo Fighters' North American tour on Saturday at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC.

He's still got his leg in a cast, but he performed anyway, sitting most of the time with his leg propped up.

His seat was fashioned like the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones, made of guitars instead of swords.

Check out the show's open... The video's not great, but you can capture the spirit of the thing...

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