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Posts from October 2014

October 14, 2014 - Electric City Music Awards

Hey just wanted to say THANKS everyone who voted - Jackson Vee and I won "Best Duo" at The Electric City Music Awards over the weekend!! We really appreciate all your support, and to those who came to see us at Kildare's Sunday night = you ROCK! Thanks again :)

What a terrific weekend!!!!

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I miss pizza, but feel great!


Hi friends!

After weeks of Jeff taunting me with carbohydrates … I’m happy to report that it’s been 5 weeks on the diet plan I’ve been following and I haven’t cheated a bit! It hasn’t been easy, especially because of my LOVE of pizza, but it’s been doable and I feel great. Many of you have emailed me for the title of the book I read and the plan – it’s the Metabolism Miracle and it was actually written by a woman originally from Taylor, PA! A friend of mine followed the program and had great success … and as a self-proclaimed Carb-aholic, I knew I needed to cut back on the processed foods and carbs. While I miss PIZZA and the convenience of throwing pierogies in the oven with a salad for dinner, I feel so much better laying off of the carbs ... even if it's temporarily to follow this program which limits you to 5 net carbs every 5 hours. If you want more info. on that - check out 

Hope you have a great weekend! John and I are going away to Niagara Falls, Canada to celebrate our first wedding anniversary! Can you believe it's already been a year?! Nuts. I also beat Jeff's guess that we'd be expecting a baby within the first year ... he refuses to believe we're waiting a little bit! ;) XO

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The Ultimatum

This text from a listener caused a lot of talk on the show this morning.

Hey Rocky & Lissa!
Thinking of moving in w/ my BF. But he keeps promising to marry me & it's been 5 yrs.  I wanna say "no ring, no moving forward."  Is that ultimatum TOO RISKY? 

Remember the scene in "The Dark Knight" where The Joker gets interrogated?  That's what I think of when I hear the word ULTIMATUM.  It's the good cop/bad cop routine...but in this case it seems like there's only a bad cop!  If you have to shine a light in your guy's eyes to get him to commit, maybe it wasn't meant to be.

Here's what our listeners had to say about issuing an ultimatum.  
--I was with my husband for 7 years before we got married. I kind of gave up on waiting for him to pop the question and then it happened when I didn't expect it. If you love him don't give up on him. -Jess

--I think she should not give the ultimatum but she should stick it out for the three next holidays: Christmas New Years and Valentines Day. If no ring after that say goodbye and move on. You don't want to think did he do this himself or did i make him. -Crystal

--Agree w/the last caller that this relationship will never work but more because of their lack of ability to communicate w/each other. Does he know how important this is to her? Has she even expressed this to him? She needs to talk to the man she wants to marry instead of asking strangers for advice.

--I do not understand the lax attitude toward marriage by the woman that called in who had FIVE kids with the guy she finally married. Forget the "it's just a piece of paper" argument for a minute and think about it legally for a minute. God forbid she is inquired, in the hospital and unable to make a medical decision...he has no say. He's her baby daddy, that's it. Do the kids have his last name? If it's good enough for them why not her?

--If it was going to happen it would have happened? U can't force marriage or a man to marry you. But they should have been living together already? He's just stringing her along because no man likes to be alone but yet he's not being man enough to marry her? Get rid of him and move on. They’re on two different pages.

--Ultimatums are ridiculous ! Just live your life.  It's too short. Stop worrying about the small stuff. My god there's so many other things to worry about in life. Marriage should be the last.

--I just think they need to talk. If they don't both want the same thing then it may be time to reevaluate the relationship.

--She doesn't want to give him an ultimatum because even if he listens and proposes it will only be because he feels backed into a corner. In that case he would most likely just keep pushing off the wedding at that point.

--I've been withy husband 9 years and I'm tired of telling him how to make me happy if he can't do it on his own.

--I have been with my man 24 years. He promised to marry me years ago and still nothing. It’s just a piece of paper.

--I told my boyfriend of 2 years that I wasn't happy with never getting married and he broke up with me.. because it wasn't what he wanted.. I would be careful with ultimatum.

--If she needs to give this man an ultimatum of we get married or we break up then that's the end of the relationship if you have to tell somebody to do something then you don't need to be with them isn't the point of dating to end in marriage I don't understand what the big problem is if you have to tell him you need something then just walk away

--Some men are scared and need that push.

--If he doesn't he want to lose her then he would make a commitment if he doesn't care then you just let her go.


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Oct 6, 2014 ~ bras across the bridge

THANK YOU everyone for making Bras Across The Bridge such a HUGE success!! Hopefully we'll have a fundraising total later today, but safe to say LOTS of money raised for breast cancer yesterday, so let's all smile at that :) 

Some of my pics....

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We LOVE Boobies!

Thanks for making our 6th Annual BRAS ACROSS THE BRIDGE a big success!  You helped to raise thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society & Breast Cancer research.

And even more than the donations, it was great to see our listeners come out to show support for breast cancer survivors and those that lost the fight.

Misercordia U in the house!

Our Pied Piper, Russ Keeler from the American Cancer Society.  Russ walked better in those heels than most women!

Save the Boobies!

I Fight Like a Girl!

Take it to the bridge.

$5 a bra to help save the boobies!

For Kristin and all the other amazing lives lost...we do this for you!

Thanks again for your support.


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Scariest 10 Seconds Ever!!!

Once you watch this clip I think you will agree that this is...



"American Horror Story: Freak Show" premieres Wed October 8 on FX!
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