985wkrz: @xcherlloydlovex I think this might just beat it. I hate not being able to say anything but it's going to be big! ~Fishboy
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4.10 Krysten Ritter!

On the show today around 5:30 we're going to chat with Shickshinny native Krysten Ritter ... who is premiering her new show Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23  tomorrow night at 9:30 ABC after Modern Family. Did you know Krysten was discovered at the Wyoming Valley Mall by a modeling company? Pretty rad, huh!? We're so excited to chat with a local girl who made is REALLY big!  

Krysten also cowrote, produced, and stars in this new movie L!FE HAPPENS, which comes out on Friday!
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2.14 Happy Day of LOVE!!

Happy Valentine's Day! If you're one of those mean people who tries to squash everyone else's lovey dovey heart shaped day by whining that it's a "Hallmark Holiday" then you might want to quit reading now.  I like the day of love. I also like feeling and showing love every other day too ... but it doesn't mean today can't be extra special and filled with calories that don't count that come in the shape of strawberries drenched in chocolate! :) Maybe it's just me embracing my girliness ... but Valentine's Day is the Yesterday I baked cupcakes for everyone in the office (forgot to take a picture) that were filled with a strawberry surprise inside. Boyfriend and I celebrated Valentine's Day over the weekend since we'd both be busy with work during the week. He surprised me with a dinner date at Cork in Wilkes Barre (which was SO yum - the blackberry sangria was AMAZING) and he surprised me with this beautiful ring! Man he has good taste in jewelry! Ignore my hands, they're not the cutest - close up! He's the sweetest ...

Then today at work ... these morsels of yumminess showed up on my desk!  Shari's Berries chocolate covered strawberries ... oh my gosh, I ate 3 for lunch. Amazing! <3

Hope your day is filled with candy and hugs! :) Jeff & I are babysitting 3 little kids and sending their parents to The Woodlands for some Valentine's Day ALONE TIME! Pictures and video to come! 
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2.8 Amanda fulfills her Super Bowl bet!

Amanda followed through on our Super Bowl bet today! NO MAKEUP at all our Email Wednesday segment on PA LIVE on WBRE! Also notice our Old Navy Outfits of the Week!! Amanda's necklace is from Old Navy too!

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Monday already!? I had a pretty eventful weekend and i'm one step closer to ditching my VW and buying a new car. Aside from that drama ... the Patriots losing last night was a total disappointment, but that's not even the bet I lost. Jeff and I bet on Kelly Clarkson's National Anthem performance. Since most celebs screw it up, I bet that she'd mess up. He said she'd sing it flawlessly ... which she did. She NAILED IT! Of course she did, she's amazing. Makeup was on the line ... and to hold up my end of the bargain, I won't be wearing a stitch of makeup during our segment on PA LIVE this Wednesday on WBRE. I usually wear extra makeup on Wednesdays for TV, so this will be interesting. Honestly, i'm kind of glad someone finally sang it the right way ... a day without makeup can't be THAT bad, right?

This morning ... Jeff and I visited Chester St. School and read to the 4th and 5th grade classes for their annual Reading Rally. We read them a story about Jim Thorpe ... the Olympian the town of Jim Thorpe was named after! Thanks for having us ... it was AWESOME meeting you guys!

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Ohhh hey! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Boyfriend and I went to visit his parents in NJ ... which is why I made these! Valentine cake pops! Actually, making these, I used the cake pop maker I got for Christmas for the first time and it works incredibly ... and saves me 2 days of PREP! A few months ago I wrote out step by step directions how I make and molded the cake pops on my own, but this little maker thing I got for Christmas saves SO MUCH time and turns out a perfectly round cake pop every time!

Have you seen this video?!? This teen girl can repeat any word BACK TO YOU, BACKWARDS! It's incredible. She's freaking amazing.
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1.27 Check out this local band!

If you're into supporting the local music scene ... The Sunset Villains just released a video for their song "The Sky is Falling" and well ... Jeff and I have been watching on repeat all morning. The video was even shot here in Drums!
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1.17 Sexy & I Know It ... the cat edition

Does posting this make me the crazy cat lady? How cute! Ahhh our kitty Asti has slowly turned me into a cat person.

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1.17 Sexy & I Know It ... the cat edition

Does posting this make me the crazy cat lady? How cute! Ahhh our kitty Asti has slowly turned me into a cat person.

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1.12 Bitch & Brag :)

Is it just me, or does it seem like the weeks are FLYING by lately? I woke up completely unsure of what day it was ... and was then totally delighted that it's Thursday! Friday night is girls night and I can't wait to see some friends I haven't seen in a couple months. If you missed PA LIVE or Email Wednesday yesterday, you can check it out here. Big thanks to Old Navy for dressing us as always! :) In this week's WEEKENDER column, Bitch & Brag, I bragged about my favorite new website, Pinterest. You can read Bitch & Brag at or by clicking here! 

I've blocked out some craft time for myself this weekend and i've been trying to pick something out on Pinterest to attempt to do. I'm torn between ATTEMPTING these.

Either LOVE letters covered in cute buttons ...

OR ... a jewelry organizer with decorative drawer pulls ...

Have any of you attempted to make something you saw on Pinterest? How did it come out? 
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I've lived in NEPA for almost 5 years and until this past weekend ... I never made it to the Finger Lakes! A bunch of us took a limo bus there on Saturday and it was better than I could have ever imagined! It was super slow up there ... so we didn't have to wait at all at any wineries and had the best time! Mmmmmm! This time of year is definitely the time to go, crowds weren't even an issue! Plus, it started to snow a little and made for a super romantic scene! 

This is our group at the Penguin Bay winery ... mmm I loved their Tuxedo red!

When we got back, Boyfriend's parents were waiting for us ... to celebrate Christmas together! A week early, but awesome. We hung out, played an awesome game (they gave us this party game called Quelf which was so SILLY, but the best party game!) and I made cupcakes of course! They gave me the cutest aprons for Christmas ... eeeee i'm making my way around the kitchen ... oh yeah! Last year's resolution to learn how to cook more is coming along nicely! :)
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